Real Estate Auction

Auctions are one of the most proven forms of selling and are on an upward trend locally and nationally.   Success of an auction will increase when they are professionally promoted, properly advertise, and performed by certified auctioneers.  US Auction Team has a vast network of real estate professionals and pre approved buyers and a out of box of thinking that produces results.

US Auction Team has a connection, with Coldwell Banker which gives us the ability to reach potential buyers anywhere in the world.  Our principles are part of the National Association of Auctioneers, National Association of Realtors, Kansas Auctioneers Association,  Realtors of South Central Kansas, just to mention a few.

Why Auction

  • Promoting your property in an accelerated manor will produce all qualified buyers in your market area.
  • Selling your property at auction will put to end, to all the negative negotiating that comes with having to negotiate repairs after an agreed price.  PROPERTIES SOLD AT AUCTION ARE SOLD AS IS, WERE IS WITHOUT ANY WARRNTY IMPLIED OR EXPRESSED.
  • Properties market through US Auction Team and their partners will exceed the conventional real estate market values at times.
  • All buyers come pre-approved and the financial contingency of a traditional contract is now gone.
  • Seller controls the amount of earnest money, which will bring out only buyers that can close in 30 days or less.
  • US Auction Team can conduct an on-site or offsite live auction or online auction or any combination. 

Types and Method Of Auctions

  • Absolute - means that the seller will sell the property to the highest bidder regardless of what the high bid is. 
  • Seller Confirmation - means that the seller must give the auctioneer or agent the ok before he or she can say sold.
  • Minimum Opening Bid - means that the listing agent or auctioneer will publish the minimum opening amount the seller will accept for the property.
  • Sealed Bedding - means that the listing agent or auctioneer will promote a date and time that all offers must be submitted and received .  At which time the seller will review all offers and then make a decision.
  • Buy Now - means just what it says that the seller will disclose what they would sell the property prior to the scheduled auction date. This allows more traditional buyers and agents to participate in auctions.