The Old Hardware Store

One of the few remaining pre-1900 hardware stores in the state of Kansas will be offered for sell along with all contents. Selling hardware since 1885, this recognized Harvey County historic site is full of hardware and furnishings, especially cabinets dating over 100 years old.

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Halstead, Kansas

One of the few remaining pre-1900 hardware stores in the state of Kansas will be offered for sell along with all contents. Selling hardware since 1885, this recognized Harvey County historic site is full of hardware and furnishings, especially cabinets dating over 100 years old.


Because of the volume of inventory, the sale will run for four evenings: Monday evening, July 9th, through Thursday evening, July 12, behind the store, and Saturday July 14, one mile north of Halstead at the old Monsanto Plant.

Large cabinets, counters, showcases, nail bins, etc. that will not be moved to the auction site can be inspected before the start of each sale at 208 Main Street.

The 140-year-old stone building at 208 Main Street will sell on Thursday, July 12, at 6:30 p.m.

The order of the sale will be as follows:
Monday, July 9, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Most of the fasteners are 20-year new-old stock, including bolts (hex, carriage, machine, eye); screws (steel, zinc, blued, nickel, brass, machine, metric); nails, washers, nuts (square, hex, castle, lock), cotter keys, o-rings, gaskets, cable clamps, pipe fittings & clamps, springs, rope hardware, chain and chain hardware, horse tact, single trees, and much more.
Also: barn pulleys, block & tackle units; wire wheel and counter; antique rope dispenser; buggy steps; Clipper Grain & Seed Cleaner with screens and much more.

Metal parts cabinets for fasteners and tools:
Over 50 units from 9-inch counter-top size to 7-foot tall floor units will be sold in the first two evenings. Many will be sold empty, but several are full, for example:
* Original 8-foot counter nail bin with 27 bins and nails;
* Large five-tier rotating nail bin, partially full of nails;
* 4 seven-foot by 3-foot standing units with drawers & bins, empty.
* 2 Peerless Chain dispensers with spools;
* 2 metal cabinets, 18 drawers each, with rivets;
* 18-drawer metal cabinet with o-rings and gaskets;
* 2 four-drawer metal units with o-rings and gaskets;
* 4-drawer metal cabinet with brass bolts and nuts;
* 4-drawer spring cabinet with springs;
* 12-bin unit of square nuts;
* 10-drawer unit of set screws.
This is not a complete list.

Tuesday, July 10, starting at 5:30 p.m.
Continuation of Fasteners and metal parts cabinets plus
Tools consist of 20-year new-old stock and antique, collectible tools.
New-old stock tools include sockets; wrenches; crescent wrench parts; tap & dies; drill bits, etc.
Old tools include levels; Winchester saw and misc. saws and saw sets; wrenches (pipe, monkey, implement); wedges, C clamps; braces & bits, tool boxes; 2 kegs of unopened nails; Morcan #135, swivel base vise; 6-foot, 2-man saw; frame corner clamps; log tongs; fence stretchers; traps; balance beam scales; hay hooks; calf wieners;

Wednesday, July 11, starting at 5:30 p.m.
Antique lighting, including chandeliers, 1920s porcelain, numerous kerosene lamps, gooseneck lamps, repair parts, chimneys, globes and shades.
Antique hardware including barn hardware, Victorian furniture hardware, door hardware.

Thursday, July 12, starting at 5:30 p.m.
Antiques like crates of all kinds; barrels; kegs; galvanized tubs, buckets, cans; many boxes (ammo, hardware, cheese); tins; crock jars & jugs; cast-iron cookware; kitchen tools; enamelware; fruit jars; sadirons & tailor irons; hog oilers; egg baskets; wire baskets; rug beaters; yardsticks; chicken feeders & chicken nesting box; wooden ironing boards; bug sprayers; butter churns, lids & molds; kraut cutters, wood paddles; KEY work clothes neon sign; 1915 Delco-Light washing machine; tables; chairs; metal office desk; file cabinets and much more.

Saturday, July 14, 9:00 a.m.:
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This day will consist of selling 131 special items from the Old Hardware Store. 42 of these are original pieces that have a history: cabinets that were installed in 1916; showcases that have been in the building since 1912; artifacts used in the shop area, such as a bucket crimper, and a Charles Parker vise. Added to these are advertising signs, top-quality antiques, and rare favorites like Sally the mannequin and an 8-½ -foot harvest table.


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